Vacuum cleaners

Clevermac's industrial vacuum cleaners: the most powerful in every situation!

Clevermac's industrial vacuum cleaners offer a solution for any dust problem, even in the most demanding conditions. From simple, manoeuvrable mobile vacuum cleaners (single-phase) to 22KW extra-large vacuum cleaners (three-phase).
Our models keep your production areas dust-free, even under the strictest safety standards. Strict hygiene? Filter classes L-M-H? Do the machines have to be operational 24 hours a day in your production area? Coolant, oil, chips? Does the machine have to comply with Atex regulations? Stainless-steel finish? Recovery of extracted raw materials? A fixed installation, integrated into the production process?
Our engineering department can calculate the right solution for your company. Whether you're in the food sector, pharmaceutical or chemical sector, nuclear sector, or metal sector, our vacuum cleaners are at home anywhere!

Three phase vacuums
Fixed installations