MONO 103
MONO 103-60
MONO 103-100
MONO 103-24 v (Battery)

Clevermac's large single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner: fitted with three independent motors. The filter is available in classes L-M-H (low, medium, or high (HEPA)). The wheeled waste container has a capacity of up to 100 litres and is easy to empty. Both the filter chamber and the dirt container can be made of stainless steel. Dust can be collected directly in a bag; for liquids, the container can be fitted with an outlet valve. The pressure gauge displays the filtering status at any time. The filter is easy to clean with the integrated shaker system. The large-diameter suction nozzle can be adjusted to the desired suction diameter by means of reductions. The accessories fit in the front bucket. The industrial frame and sturdy construction are its greatest assets! Also available on battery power.

Specifications MONO 103-60 MONO 103-100 MONO 103-24 v (Battery) Voltage (Volt) 230-50Hz 230-50Hz 24 Power 3.75 3.75 1.35 Vacuum 210 210 120 Airflow 510 510 410 Container content 60 100 65 Type filter (L-M-H) L-M-H L-M-H L-M-H Filter surface 1.9 1.9 1.9 Sound level 75 75 70 Dimensions (L x W x H) 78 x 64 x 135 78 x 64 x 156 80 x 68 x 138 Weight (kg) 58 62 126