Quick service

Our team of technicians is ready to maintain or repair your cleaning machine, sweeping machine, industrial vaccuum cleaner or high pressure pump.

We guarantee:

  • long-time experience
  • a quick and fast service, anywhere in Belgium
  • we come to you with fully-equipped mobile vans, and we have all accessories with us
  • for special adjustments or big repairing operations, we have the tools ready in our ateliers
  • normal reparations are done at your place
  • for maintenance or repair of your machine
  • the feedback we give to you is to have a better control and a long(er) lifetime of the machine
Clevermac: your certified maintenance and repair partner

Clevermac and Cleverserve are Fimap's exclusive importer and certified partner in Belgium for the sales and after-sales service of the entire Fimap range. We carry out the maintenance and repairs of the Fimap machines, for all models and any year of manufacture, including those not supplied by Clevermac.

We are also authorised to give a one-year factory warranty against manufacturing defects on every new machine.

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