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Three phase vacuums
2.2 KW
4 KW
4 KW-K

These industrial three-phase vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning warehouses and production areas, where plenty of power, efficiency, and results are needed. The machines are suitable for continuous use. Work in the production and technical areas can be non-stop because the machines can be used 24 hours a day.

The filter chamber and dirt containers can be made of stainless steel (AISI316); the filter can be shaken manually or electrically. By-passes, silencers, and air outlets are all available and adjustable. In the case of hazardous and toxic dust, the machines can be fitted with filter classes L-M-H and absolute filtering downstream/upstream (before or after the turbine). Filtering is regulated by a vacuum meter.

Dirt is collected directly into the dirt container, via intermediate vessels, or in big bags.

The turbines are maintenance-free; the turbine compartment is easy to reach in case of the need for intervention.

The models can be connected to fixed pipe systems.

Available in Atex finish.

Specifications 2.2 KW 4 KW 4 KW-K Voltage (Volt) 2.2 4 4 Power 262 140 140 Vacuum 300 460 300 Airflow 310 220 520 Container content 65-100 100 100 Type filter (L-M-H) L-M-H L-M-H L-M-H Filter surface 2,55 2,55 2,55 Sound level 72 72 72 Dimensions (L x W x H) 66 x 125 x 135 65 x 125 x 150 66 x 125 x 150 Weight (kg) 115 135 165
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