Fs 800 B Base
Fs 800 B
Fs 800 H Base
Fs 800 H

Thanks to the I-Drive concept, the FS800 sweeping machines offer the maximum driving ease, making them suitable for use by any operator.
FS800 models are ideal for cleaning industrial and commercial environments of up to 20,000 sq.m.

FS800 models are available with manual or automatic unloading; the latter can unload at up to 1.25m above the ground. They are recommended for cleaning both indoors (battery version, FS800 B) and outdoors (gasoline motor version, FS800 H).

The versions with an internal combustion motor (FS800 H) are equipped with a complete hydraulic system and are free of any electronic circuit boards. This provides increased reliability and safety, even when working in extremely dirty conditions.

Specifications FS800 B Base sweeping machine Fs 800 B sweeping machine Fs 800 H Base sweeping machine Fs 800 H sweeping machine Working width (cm) 80 80 80 80 Working width with side brushes (cm) 111 111 111 111 Power battery (24V) battery (24V) gasoline engine gasoline engine Type of filter panelfilter panelfilter panelfilter panelfilter Filter surface 6 m² 6 m² 6 m² 6 m² Capacity dirt container (L/kg) 70 70 - with height tipping 70 70 - height tipping Dimensions (L x W x H) 160 x 108 x 131 160 x 108 x 131 160 x 108 x 131 160 x 108 x 131
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