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FS 80-90-110
FS 80 B - D
FS 90 B - D
FS 110 B - D - Bifuel

The FS80-90-110 models are the most compact sweeping machines in their class. They are designed with a box frame, constructed around a compact central brush. This allows FS80-90-110 to be used for cleaning large surfaces, as well as restricted or cluttered passageways. They are ideal for easily collecting solid debris and light dust on surfaces of up to 30,000 sq.m.

The FS80-90-110 models are available with central brushes of three different widths: 80, 90 and 110cm. There are battery versions (FS80-90-110 B), along with versions with a combustion diesel engine (FS80-90-110 D) or a bi-fuel combustion engine (only for FS110).

The fabric pocket filter, with its ample filter surface area of 7 sq.m. (FS80) or 8 sq.m. (FS90-110), is long-lasting and ensures excellent vacuum results, even in environments with a high concentration of fine dust.

Specifications FS 80 B - D sweeping machine FS 90 B - D sweeping machine FS 110 B - D - Bifuel sweeping machine Working width (cm) 80 90 110 Working width with side brushes (cm) 144 154 174 Power battery or diesel battery or diesel battery or diesel or bifuel Type of filter bag filter bag filter bag filter Filter surface 7 m² 8 m² 8 m² Capacity dirt container (L/kg) 360 400 480 Dimensions (L x W x H) 202 x 113 x 143 202 x 123 x 143 202 x 143 x 143
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