Street sweepers / Red Tiger mountable sweeping machine
Red Tiger mountable sweeping machine

Red Tiger is the most powerful choice!

These Tigers with their “evolution” technology, reinforced chassis and twin wheels can deal with even the harshest conditions.

- Choice of eight models, from 100 cm to 350 cm.
- Dirt container from 200 to 1,200 litres.
- Directly mountable on a forklift truck, Bobcat, or tractor.
- Powered by the carrier vehicle's hydraulic motor or an autonomous motor.
- Available with or without water spray system, plastic or steel side-brushes.
- NEW for even better results: maintenance-free hydraulic wheel drive.

Specifications Red Tiger Driving Powered hydraulically or by a petrol or diesel engine Weight (kg) 300 - 1000 kg Weight side brush (kg) 50 kg Watertank (l) 100 - 500 Container (l) 200 - 1200 Cleaning width (mm) 1000 - 3500 Cleaning width with side brush (mm) 150 - 4000 Working pressure 13 - 120 l/min Oil pressure 120 - 240 bar
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