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Heavy Tiger

The Heavy Tiger is the ultimate sweeping machine for large areas such as industrial sites, roads, car parks, and yards. This extremely powerful sweeping machine can be used in the construction sector, wood sector, recycling companies, metal processing industry, and many more.

The sweeping machine can be mounted on a forklift truck, articulated loader, telescopic handler, compact loader, tractor, truck, etc.

Technical Specifications:

- Stable, self-collecting sweeping machine for indoor and outdoor use.
- Solid and sturdy construction
- Powered either by the carrier vehicle's hydraulic motor or its own drive motor (petrol or diesel)
- Can be adapted to the type of forklift for maximum efficiency and minimum load.
- Fully encapsulated
- Quick mounting on the carrier vehicle
- Choice of brushes: PPl, steel, or a 50/50 mix.
- Optionally with side-brush and water spray device
- Self-adjusting oscillating brush

Specifications heavy tiger Driving Powered hydraulically or by a petrol or diesel engine Weight (kg) 500 - 700 kg Weight side brush (kg) 50 kg Watertank (l) 100 - 300 liter Container (l) 450 - 850 liter Cleaning width (mm) 1200 - 3000 Cleaning width with side brush (mm) 150 - 3500 Working pressure 13 - 120 l/min Oil pressure 120 - 240 bar
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