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FS4 “TwinAction”: not a tradition, but a revolution!

The FS4 “TwinAction” sweeping machine offers an optimal combination of two traditional sweeping systems, namely mechanical sweeping (more substantial waste such as pieces of wood) and vacuum-sweeping (large volumes such as leaves). This revolutionary technology offers significant savings in terms of time, cost of wear parts, consumption, and emissions. This sweeping machine can be used in all weather conditions and on all paved roads and streets, even if they are uneven.

It was designed with a focus on user comfort and the environment.

Moreover, the machine is certified by European organisation “SGS” in the most efficient category in terms of dust emissions into the atmosphere: 3-stars.

The machine also has the following advantages:

  • Lower water consumption: its main brush sweeps dirt centrally into the machine and sucks it up at the same time. This means less dust being blown up and therefore less water mist on the side brushes.
  • Elimination of dust emissions through the large-surface dust filter, which is easy to clean with two shaker systems.
  • Lower noise levels (external and in the cabin) thanks to the acoustic panels.
  • Lower fuel consumption.
  • Greater user-comfort thanks to the motor being located at the rear of the machine, the insulated cabin, and the hydraulic suspension.
  • Environment: emissions of particulate matter into the environment: approved by “SGS” (Independent German SGS Institute), which can be consulted at http://www.eu-nited.net/municipalequipment/uplaod/PM_10_Flyer/EUnited_ME.
  • Manoeuvrable thanks to its four-wheel steering with a turning circle of just 4.25 m.
  • Easy to maintain: the parts and components are easily accessible for maintenance or repair.
Specifications FS4 "Twin-Action" Working width (cm) 140 Working width with side brushes (cm) 262 Power diesel Type of filter bag filter Filter surface 50 m² Capacity dirt container (L/kg) 3500 l Dimensions (L x W x H) 4580 x 1755 x 2550 mm
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