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Clevermac teamWelcome to Clevermac ! We are specialist in delivery and service of cleaning machines, sweeping machines, industrial vaccuum cleaners, high pressure pumps, street sweepers, and chemical products.
With enthusiasm we are ready to serve you with a competitive solution, a demonstration in your production unit, warehouse, parking place, …

We deliver straight form the fabrics, but still we are an independent company.

We guarantee a quick and good after-sale service, we have the right equipment to keep you machine going on and on …

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A strong team !

The Clevermac-team are people who have the knowlegde and the experience to deliver the right machine on the right place. We have a strong sales team, but this means nothing without a good administration and sevice.

We challenge you to contact us top roof to you our qualities !




Dieter Ghesquière
“Only the best is good enough, that ’s why every machine is examined tot quality-control tests. We want your investment to be a good one, with assured result and a long lifetime. ”

- Dieter Ghesquière -



Leen Ghesquière

“We come to you to see the situation, we analyse the needs and we offer you a solution : a clean environment with a minimum effort, saving time and money. ”

- Leen Ghesquière -


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