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MMX scrubbing machine
MMx500 E
MMx50 B/Bt
MMx52 B/Bt

The scrubbing machines of MMx range of Clevermac are especially suitable for the maintenance cleaning of floors from 1,200 to 1,750 sq.m. They are designed to meet the needs of demanding customers that require high productivity, low management costs and user-friendliness.

MMx are semi-automatic or automatic walk-behind scrubbing machines with traction drive, available in both electrical and battery versions with a single brush and 51 cm working width and a new brush-head made of aluminum treated to be corrosion resistant (MMx50 B/Bt), or with two disc brushes and 50 cm working width (MMx52 B/Bt). MMx50 B/Bt and MMx52 are equipped with EcoMode device that sets the machine to work in a “resource saving” mode, ideal for daily or frequent floor cleaning.

The traction drive versions are equipped with the working speed adjuster to give more comfort to the operator.

The electric versions also include the MMx500 E model - a scrubbing machine equipped with a powerful brush motor, that makes it suitable to clean stubborn residues. The MMx52 offers with the dual brushes a great scrubbing capacity, and is perfect for removing difficult residues from medium-sized surfaces.

Specifications MMx500 E MMx50 B/Bt MMx52 B/Bt Working width (cm) 51 51 50 Number of brushes 1 1 2 Power supply cable battery battery Power (Volt) 220 24V 24V Clean watertank (L) 40 40 40 Dirty watertank (L) 50 50 50 Dimensions (L x W x H) 117 x 59 x 100 117 x 59 x 100 110 x 59 x 100