A range of scrubbing machines designed for the routine and deep-down maintenance cleaning of any commercial or industrial surface up to 10,000 sq.m.
Designed to meet the needs of a demanding clientèle that requires high productivity, low management costs and user-friendliness.

The Mg models are ride-on scrubbing machines with automatic traction drive, available in a battery version. There is a version with disc brushes of 75cm (Mg75 B), 85cm (Mg85 B) or 100cm (Mg100 B), and a version with two cylindrical brushes with a working width of 85cm (Mg85 Bs).

Fimap's Mg scrubbing machines come equipped "All Standard", at an extremely competitive price.

"All Standard" includes:

  • FSS (Fimap Solution Saver): the new dosing system that offers savings of up to 50% on water and detergent;
  • FNC (Fimap Noise Cancelling): Fimap's new noise-cancelling technology (just 64 dB (A)*);
  • FWF (Fimap Water Flow): to ensure uniform water distribution on both disc brushes, thus guaranteeing even cleaning across the entire working width, even with reduced flow rates;
  • FFF (Fimap Fast Fill): a system with quick coupling, for filling the water tank;
  • ON/OFF Eco system: automatically stops the water flow when the machine is not functioning or has been stopped by the operator;
  • Comfort Drive System: the operator can adjust the seat to suit his/her particular driving needs;
  • New system for rotating the squeegee horizontally, to facilitate cleaning operations;
  • Device for reducing the machine's speed around corners, to constantly ensure maximum driving safety;
  • Brush pressure regulation up to 100kg;
  • Maximum machine accessibility for routine maintenance operations (e.g. topping up the battery fluid);
  • Fully sanitisable tanks;
  • Water and detergent level indicators.

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Mg75 schrobmachineMg85 schrobmachineMg85 Bs schrobmachineMg100 B schrobmachine
Working width (Cm)758585100
Number of brushes2222
Power supplyBatterijBatterijBatterijBatterij
Power (Volt)36V36V36V36V
Clean watertank (L)170170170170
Dirty watertank (L)175175175174
Dimensions (L x W x H)174 x 80,5 x 140174 x 90,3 x 140174 x 94 x 140174 x 105,3 x 140

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