The Clevermac Magna 85/100 scrubbing machines are especially suitable for the maintenance and deep-down cleaning of large surface areas up to 15,000 sq.m. These extremely powerful machines offer notable autonomy and exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

The Magna 85/100 models are battery-operated, ride-on scrubbing machines with automatic traction drive and a front motorwheel. There version with two disc brushes with a working width of 85cm (Magna85 B) or 100cm (Magna100 B), and a brushing-sweeping version with 2 cylindrical brushes with a working width of 85cm (Magna85 Bs) or 100cm (Magna100 Bs).

The sweeping version is designed to house a special collection tray with water vacuuming system for collecting small debris; the tray can be easily emptied.

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Magna 85 B-Magna 100 B schrobmachineMagna 85 Bs-Magna 100 Bs schrobmachine
Working width (Cm)85-100100-130
Number of brushes22
Power supplyBatterijkofferBatterijkoffer
Power (Volt)36V36V
Clean watertank (L)200200
Dirty watertank (L)215215
Dimensions (L x W x H)196 x 87 x 150196 x 87 x 150

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