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We are expert in after-sales-service !

Cleverserve is a reliable long-term partner for repair and maintenance of your cleaning machine, sweeper, industrial vaccuum cleaner, high-pressure cleaner and pre-sweeper. Our workshops are up-to-date and our service cars are well equipped : all the tools for an excellent and reliable after-sales-service. 



“With our department Cleverserve, we are able tot follow your machine from A to Z. We have the know-how, experience and equipment, in our buildings and on the field, for maintenance or repair of your machine. We focus on care and speed”

- Geert Braem -


Our team of technicians is ready maintain or repair your cleaning machine, sweeping machine, industrial vaccuum cleaner or high pressure pump. We guarantee a quick and fast service, anywhere in Belgium.
For special adjustments or big repairing operations, we have the tools ready in our ateliers. Normal reparations are done at your place, we come to you with fully- equipped mobile vans, and we have all accessories with us.

Every intervention is followed by a written report, explaining the works we’ve done. The feedback we give toy u is to have a better control and a long(er) lifetime of the machine.

We can offer you programmed maintenance contract, or even full-service contracts, assuring a machine maximum working with minimum investment. 

clevermac service  clevermac service

clevermac service

Spare parts from here to Tokyo …

Thousands of spare parts are ready-to-leave from our 4.000 m² headquarter. Daily deliveries are standard.
In case you doubt the spare part you need exactely, there is no problem, because every model has its “exploded view”, so that mistakes are rear. Should  you doubt anyway, give us a call and we help you in a minut !

clevermac spare parts


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